Illustration © Susy Boyer from The Gobbling Tree. © Mark Carthew. Excerpted by permission of New Frontier Publishing Australia.
Illustration © Susy Boyer


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Casey Radio Student Hour interview with Mark Carthew. Casey Radio 97.7 2017

Click here for interview transcript.

Interview on Afternoons with ABC presenter, Clare Bowditch, ABC Radio Monday, November 20th 2017 2:05pm

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Henry Grossek, interview with Mark Carthew. “VIEWPOINTS” Program Casey Radio 97.7  Saturday, March 26th, 2017 9:00am.

Part 1. Click here for interview transcript.

Part 2.

Interview: Waiheke Radio (NZ) November 22, 2009. 9:30am

Interview with Mark Carthew on Waiheke Radio (NZ).

Interview: ABC 891 Adelaide Morning Program, November 10, 2008. 11:00am

Interview: ABC Radio Gippsland – October 20th 2008, 7:10am

Host Brendan King in conversation with children’s authors Lee Fox and Mark Carthew.