Marvin and Marigold: The BIG SNEEZE

Marvin and Marigold: The BIG SNEEZE
by Mark Carthew, illustrated by Simon Prescott. Published by New Frontier Publishing (Distributed Scholastic). ISBN 9781925059656 (HB)

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The Moose is Loose CD / action song (Carthew / Fairbairn)
performed by Mark and the Mooseketeers!

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The Moose is Loose!

Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? Timeless rhymes to share & treasure
Selected by Mark Carthew, illus. by Jobi Murphy, Oct 2008, Random House Australia ISBN 9781741662481 (hbk.)

Can You Keep a Secret? Timeless Songs to share and treasureNow accompanied by a CD of Can You Keep a Secret? Timeless songs to share & treasure
Random House Australia ISBN 9333290009554

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STOP PRESS: Children’s Book Council of Australia 2009 Early Childhood Notable book!

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All Join In!
Songs from the Chatterbox Big Books ISBN 0-1236-0325-0
Published by Pearson Education Australia 2003
Produced and arranged by Mark Carthew & Michael Stangel

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All Join In

Illustration excerpt Five Little Monkeys © Terry Denton excerpted with permission from Three Purple Elephants & Other Counting rhymes selected by Mark Carthew (Pearson Education Australia

Listen to Five Little Monkeys, from 'Three Purple Elephants' on All Join In!