BLENDS BOOKS - 26 Books by Mark Carthew,
Illustrated Peter Gouldthorpe. ISBN 0 7339 0700 8 * Rights available (exc USA)

* Contact Mark directly to order discounted copies of this title in Australia / NZ or for Rights enquiries.

* Shortlisted for The Australian Excellence in Educational Publishing Awards – Best Primary Series, 2000

Pearson Education / Addison Wesley Longman 1999

I Hear Thunder

I Hear Thunder Big Book of rhymes selected by Mark Carthew,
Illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe, Ann James, Mini Goss,
Patricia Mullins and Bettina Ogden, Pearson Education /
Addison Wesley Longman, 1999
ISBN 0 7339 0697 4
Out of print

The Blends Book Series are currently only available in the USA via Dominie Press. For the USA edition, please click here.