Illustration © Mike Spoor  from Newts, Lutes and Bandicoots  © Mark Carthew. Excerpted by permission.
Illustrations © Mike Spoor


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            Mark likes playing his guitars,Illustration © Mike Spoor.  Excerpted from Wicked Wizards & Leaping Lizards © Mark Carthew.    Excerpted by permission of Random House Australia. All rights reserved.  No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
                 And gazing up at night for stars.
                 He Reads a lot, collects old books,
                Surfs King-sized waves and likes to cook.

                    Can you guess the simple clue?
                        About some things Mark likes to do. He loves to write Rhymes, plays and songs, walking
                                  He also likes long
                             NaturE walks,
                                 Bird Watching and fireside talks!

Mark Carthew is an award winning Australian children’s author, poet, musician and educator well known for his books and series celebrating language, humour and wordplay. His illustrated play script series VoiceWorks has sold over one million titles worldwide. Mark’s rhyme and riddle books Newts, Lutes and Bandicoots, Wicked Wizards and Leaping Lizards and Witches’ Britches, Itches & Twitches! were produced in collaboration with renowned UK illustrator Mike Spoor. His recent children’s picture books include The Moose is loose! (HarperCollins / ABC Books), Five Little Owls (New Frontier) illustrated by CBCA Crichton Award winning illustrator Mini Goss and the delightfully whimsical story of The Gobbling Tree illustrated by Qld illustrator Susy Boyer winner of the 2009 Speech Pathology Book of Year award. Mark is a Director and Board Member of Australian Society of Authors (ASA) and a former May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Fellow. Mark has a PhD in Writing from Swinburne University and he is currently a primary teacher, education consultant and Adjunct Research Fellow with Swinburne University’s Department of Media and Communication.

Mark’s latest book is The Great Zoo Hullabaloo! Illustrated by Anil Tortop and published by New Frontier Publishing. Mark’s recent release Marvin & Marigold: The Big Sneeze, illustrated by Simon Prescott (UK), published by New Frontier Publishing is the first in a new picture book series. The second book in the series, Marvin and Marigold: A Christmas Surprise is set for release Oct 28th 2017.